Making you Feel like You
Belong in New Zealand!

Making you Feel like You
Belong in
New Zealand!


Visa Approval Rate


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Visa Approval Rate


Courses Offered


Hours of Counselling

Global Learning Beyond Borders

We improve lives by assisting students to get a learning experience that they cannot find in their home country

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Why New Zealand?

Experience the beauty of the place and quality living. Explore stunning landscapes, a rich culture, and superior academic standards- all in one extraordinary place.

Admission Process Simplified

Get help for your search, shortlist, application, preparation, admission and visa requirements!



Collection of documents and career guidance


Planning your Budget

Scholarships & understand your financial options


Apply for your course

Offer of place & acceptance


Apply for your visa

We assist you to secure the necessary visa


Support & Care in New Zealand

Wellness support and resources to make you feel that you belong here!


At NZEA, we’re more than just educational consultants; we’re your dedicated partners on the path to academic success.

Personalised Guidance

Our experienced counselors provide tailored advice to help you achieve your educational goals.

Extensive Network

Benefit from our strong relationships with top New Zealand institutions.

Ongoing Support

We're here to assist you throughout your academic journey, from application to graduation.

New Zealand Based Company

NZEA, is New Zealand registered company with offices in Auckland, Mumbai and New Delhi. We will be there for you all the way.

Our Popular Institutions

Explore Our Prestigious College and University

Takapuna Grammar School

Takapuna Grammar School, a beacon of academic excellence and holistic development. Thrive in a supportive high school environment, unlocking your potential for success and personal growth.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand’s number one university for intensity of high-quality research, fosters holistic learning and innovation in diverse fields.

Awatapu College

Awatapu College, where learning meets innovation. This dynamic high school fosters academic success and personal development, inviting students to explore their potential in a forward-thinking setting.

Team Behind NZEA - to help improve the lives of people

E Tū Tāngata - "We Stand Together"

NZEA assembles a distinguished team of renowned experts in education, consultation, and wellbeing, dedicated to ensuring the success and holistic development of students in New Zealand.

Warren Fernandes


Dr. Ajmol Ali

Advisory Board, NZEA

Franky Abraham

Advisory Board, NZEA

Robbie Kohli

Regional Partner, Punjab

Dr. Rubina Singh

Regional Partner, New Delhi

See what our Students say about us

Hear from students whose dreams came true with NZEA’s guidance

College life at Lynfield College, Auckland, New Zealand

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Feedback from a Parent

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Meet Ritika Bhargava, alum of AUT, New Zealand

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"NZEA facilitated a smooth visa process and university selection for my son in New Zealand. Their ongoing support in-country was invaluable, making the entire educational journey reassuring and successful."

- Jitesh Barot

"NZEA expertly guided us through course selection, legalities, and homestay options for my daughter in New Zealand. Their knowledgeable and efficient approach made the experience remarkably smooth and easy."

- Rodney Monteiro

"Having been in New Zealand for ten years, I credit NZEA for their unparalleled, personalized overseas education consulting, making my journey here seamless and successful."

- Father Sebastian

"After misleading experiences with other agencies, NZEA stood out with their quick, supportive, and efficient process in guiding my educational journey in New Zealand, offering valuable assistance throughout."

- Pavitra Francis Fernandes

Founder and Managing Director, NZEA

Warren Fernandes, the visionary behind NZEA, has been transforming academic dreams into reality for students worldwide. With a rich history rooted in Mumbai and now flourishing in Auckland, he is a celebrated figure in international education.

Armed with a Master’s in Marketing Management, an MBA from the University of Auckland, and a suite of diplomas in diverse fields, Warren’s educational background is nothing short of impressive. He is the founder and Managing Director of Synergy Creations, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit that extends to his role in NZEA.

His research on ‘Sustainable Competitive Advantage for the Design Industry in New Zealand’ has garnered attention in academic circles, published in prestigious magazines. Holding esteemed positions in New Zealand’s corporate and educational sectors, Warren is a respected voice in education.

His commitment to society shines through his role as Honorary Secretary of The St. Sebastian Homes Co-op Society in Mumbai, driving initiatives for community betterment. Warren stands as a mentor and advocate for students, shaping NZEA into a premier choice for those aspiring to study in New Zealand.

- Warren Fernandes

International Director, College of Health

Dr. Ajmol Ali is an eminent figure in the field of Exercise Science, bringing over two decades of expertise as a Professor at Massey University. A PhD graduate from Loughborough University, UK, Dr. Ali has been instrumental in founding the Sport and Exercise Science Laboratory in Auckland, marking a significant contribution to the academic landscape.

In his current role as the International Director for the College of Health, he leads an impressive team of over 20 Masters and PhD students at the School of Sport, Exercise, and Nutrition. His research is diverse and impactful, covering areas such as paediatric exercise science, supplementation for health and performance, sport performance, and workplace wellness.

Dr. Ali’s dedication extends to the Healthy Active Learning initiative as its Principal Researcher, overseeing a substantial government-funded project focused on children’s wellbeing. He also heads the Centre for Metabolic Health Research, targeting the prevention of metabolic diseases and promoting life-long mobility. Additionally, his role as the Director of Beverage Lab involves pioneering work in health and wellness beverages.

An ardent football enthusiast, Dr. Ali enjoys playing and coaching the sport, especially with his children, showcasing his belief in a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

- Dr. Ajmol Ali

Finance and Accounts Consultant

Franky Abraham Dsouza, with over 29 years of experience, is a stalwart in the finance sector, especially in the travel industry. His educational foundation includes a B.Com and an MBA in Finance, setting the stage for his illustrious career.

His expertise was fine-tuned during his time as the AVP of Finance at Cleartrip Pvt. Ltd, contributing significantly for over a decade. His prior roles at Eezego1 Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd and Kuoni Travel Ltd reinforce his status as a finance maven.

Known for his skills in Tour Profitability Analysis, Reconciliation and Accounting, Treasury/Bank Management, and Customer and Vendor Management, Franky has been recognized as a top performer at Cleartrip. His passion for travel enhances his global perspective, contributing to his professional depth.

Franky’s dedication goes beyond the corporate realm, as he engages in voluntary work for charitable organizations in Mumbai, demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility.

Residing in Bangalore, India, Franky embodies professional excellence, technical acumen, and a profound sense of community service, making him a revered figure in the finance domain.

- Franky Abraham Dsouza

Education Consultant

Robbie’s early passion for technology led him to establish a school-level computer club, WARP, in 1996. His innate planning and leadership abilities surfaced as he hosted an interschool symposium under the club. While working at GE Capital , he gained global exposure, honed communication skills, and learned the significance of customer satisfaction.

He actively contributed to GE’s learning programs, showcasing his technological finesse and developing solutions like a credit card payment tracking software. Robbie’s desire to make a mark in the technology world led him to his family export business, Kohli Intercontinental, where he integrated technology into operations.

Observing the transformation of their jewelry export business through technology, Robbie recognized its potential for other enterprises. The 2008 recession prompted him to return to the technology domain as a freelancer, completing over 50 website development projects. He eventually founded Deep Focus, offering comprehensive web development, design, and digital marketing solutions to global clients.

As CEO, Robbie fostered fiduciary relationships, completing 800+ projects. Deep Focus became an accredited partner for Mailchimp in India, a rare distinction held by only eight companies.

Robbie greatly believes in the imprtance of education and wants to guide students to realize their dream of studying in New Zealand. As a mentor, he feels that each student has different strengths and calling in life and it’s my responsibility to give them expert guidance to choose the right career path and programs related to it in New Zealand.

- Robbie Kohli

Education Consultant

- Dr. Rubina Singh

Dr. Rubina Singh completed her Bachelors In Physiotherapy in 2008 and worked with children with special needs for two years. She completed her Masters degree in Paediatric Physiotherapy in 2012. After a short sabbatical, she joined as a Consultant Physiotherapist at Portea Medical.

After gaining experience for two years, she took the plunge and opened a Physiotherapy Clinic in South Delhi. After its success, she opened another clinic in South Delhi but could not work there as COVID lockdown had just started.

Fate had other plans and after closing doors of her clinics, she studied Digital Marketing in great length and joined her husband Robbie Kohli’s firm Deep Focus.

She was always good in English and won numerous debate and essay competitions in school and college and harnessed this talent to head SEO wing at Deep Focus.

She believes that organic marketing is among the most sustainable growth strategies for brands in the digital era. She always wanted to do something oin the field of education and shared a great rapport with interns training under her in Deep Focus.

She now dedicates her expertise and energy to guide students who want to study in New Zealand. She has taken the role of Career Coach, Mentor and Academic counselor at NZEA and takes pride in sending students to globally accepted educational institutes in New Zealand.

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NZEA, a New Zealand registered company with offices in Auckland and Mumbai, provides advice on studying in New Zealand. We are defined by ethical practice and ensuring our students make the right choice to pursuing education goals. NZEA is with you all the way… guiding you throughout your academic journey.

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